Prayer Chains at Rise Park

Posted by Peter

The Church owes this page to Mrs. Chris Mark. Chis left us in September 2004 as her husband our then minister retired. They are both happily living in Matlock Derbyshire, thankfully not to far away.

The church has three 'prayer chains' - groups of people who can be contacted to pray for the needs of anyone who requests it. One 'chain' covers immediate or urgent needs (usually up to 6 weeks), one covers 'intermediate' needs (from 6 weeks up to about 9 months ) and the third 'chain' covers long term or permanent needs.

Only one person co-ordinates the whole thing and all requests for prayer will be referred to that 'co-ordinator' who then allocates them to the appropriate 'Chain'.

A request for prayer is passed to the first person on the chain who then rings the next, and so on down the chain (usually about 6 people). In this way, any requests for prayer can be met speedily and without too many burdens on anyone's telephone bill.

We are asked to pray for all sorts of things, often a sudden illness or accident. But also longer term needs such as jobs or looming unemployment, family concerns, marriage and relationship problems. Sometimes its been just day to day things such as an important meeting, a hospital appointment or a job interview or exams.

Nottingham North Methodist Circuit Prayer


Please pray daily through the year that we may live out our calling

  • To Worship God
  • To Listen and Receive from Him
  • To Share this by Witness and Service in the Community

Please use the following to guide your prayers each day


Pray that the Gospel be preached in every congregation and Jesus be glorified, that everyone be warmly welcomed and open to God. Pray for all those leading worship that the Holy Spirit is upon them.


Pray especially today for the Revd. Andrew Charlesworth (Superintendant, and for his church at Nuthall, and for their stewards.


Pray for Chris Easton,our Community Minister, for his family and his work across all of the churces and schools in the area.


Pray also for Hucknall Central and East Side and Rise Park Stewards as they work with Revd. Sue Edwards. May they bond in love and fellowship with each other. Lifting each other's load, creating in each church a greater love of Christ and a steadfast love of the community.


Pray especially today for Revd, Sue Edwards as she settles into her new position at Hucknal Central, Eastside and Rise Park Churches. Father God, please give Sue true, deep, sustaining friendships here. Give her friends who stick closer than brothers and sisters. Who uphold her when she is weary. Who help to carry any burdens placed on her. .


Pray today for all our Circuit Stewards and the members of the Circuit Team.


Give thanks in prayer for all of our Circuit Ministers and all those who help us on our plan this year.