Our Faith

Posted by Peter

We believe in the God who made the entire universe and us also. And He made us in His image

We believe in Jesus Christ, His Son, who came into our world and lived among us to bring us new life and God's forgiveness for our sins.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who gives us the power to live in God's way.

We seek to worship God Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to tell others the good news of His love for us.

Wise Words

Church Sanctuary

Sanctuary area Our Sanctuary has a beautiful glass back drop but in a modern style. When the sun shines through, a rainbow of colour is thrown across the side walls.

We recently replaced our altar with one from St. Johns church in Basford, this one has a lot more character in its making, with ribbed supporting legs.

Our central cross hangs wonderfully central to the rainbow window and is mirrored at the rear of the church with a similar cross.